We Remember: Like many of our favorite places, more than a few of our classmates have left us. If you have pictures or memorabilia of those we have lost, please send them to the Committee so that they might be included in the Digital Yearbook. Link to follow.

Pictures – Look through your pictures now, to see if you’ve got any great ones to share. Pick ONE to send for inclusion in our website gallery and send to Grace via email. Music – pick ONE song from high school for placement into our Digital Yearbook. You may want to start on YouTube. Copy and send YouTube link to Grace here.

More Homework?

Contact – update your contact info here (if you desire to be found) and reach out to your circle to spread the word. We will be posting on the FB page, opening a website, and posting a Dropbox link for pictures and music. Look for updates in the weeks ahead and thank you for all you do.

be well, pres